Stereo Pony’s emergence~

Let me start off my 1st formal post with this amazing pv Stereo Pony’s debut single Hitohira no Hanabira

here’s the vid:

Stereo Pony is a j-rock girl band that consists of 3 members AIMI [vocals/guitar], NOHANA [bass], & SHIHO [drums]. They are currently under Sony Records and its good since they have a strong label to back them up. The band hails from Okinawa and as we all know Okinawa has produced great bands such as HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR and ORANGE RANGE so this 3 piece act must surely be a band to look out for. What’s striking is that their debut single is used as the 17th ending song for the anime Bleach in which two prominent Okinawan bands HaMC and Orange Range also lent their songs to and later on become successful bands. By the way it looks Stereo Pony is another band that’s on my watchlist and it should be on yours too. 

1st single download:

Hitohira no Hanabira

— you should go ahead and download this to experience their music, and i must tell that it’s worth it.

P.S. AIMI is effin’ hot!

Official Website: Stereo Pony


~ by duffmachine on 12/10/2008.

One Response to “Stereo Pony’s emergence~”

  1. son muy buenas
    y la vocalista AIMI es realmente preciosa muy bella
    un saludo a las tres en especial a AIMI 😛 adios

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