Dragonball Evolution’s Craptacular Trailer


Why?! Oh! Why?! WTF!~ is this

Why?! Oh! Why?! WTF!~ is this



I guess everybody knows this by now~

  • Dragonball is being made into a live action movie in Hollywood, the movie will be known as “Dragonball Evolution” and will be shown worldwide in 2009
  • Ayumi Hamasaki will sing the theme song of the movie
  • The song’s title is “Rule”
  • The movie will fail and the song will most likely be more successful than it

It’s a bit sad that Ayu’s 1st international break is paired up with a movie like this~

1st here’s the trailer


[Everytime this trailer plays, Angels cry and Satan laughs]

now here’s my thoughts~

  • Why is Goku caucasian?
  • Why is Goku not a saiyan? He turned into a whiny boy~
  • Why is the story like that?
  • Why is Bulma’s hair black?
  • What the hell happened to Piccolo?  He looks like shit…Seriously
  • They said this is based on the manga, why the hell is it that only the dragonballs and the characters are retained. What happened to most of the story? Did they just take the license and then proceeded on to make their own story and add some things that are in the manga like the dragonballs, the kamehameha and then call it Dragonball Evolution~
  • Dammit, this is a desecration to both fans and the manga! It’s like the sprit of the manga is destroyed in the movie
  • I know that this movie is a made in Hollywood and its natural that somehow they should add some western flare to the movie~ why is it that they have to americanize the hell out story and characters. It’s like the movie ain’t Dragonball no more
  • They should name it “Dragonfail”
  • This stuff is PURE FAIL!
  • This an example of a film adaption of a manga done absolutely wrong
  • Release of this will hurt Dragonball’s reputation
  • I bet Akira Toriyama is now crying because of this movie T_T
  • They should’ve just made this movie an anime or a CG movie instead of a crappy hollywood live action one

The images and footages that i’ve seen will haunt my memories forever, i’m sure it will haunt everyone too~


~ by duffmachine on 12/16/2008.

6 Responses to “Dragonball Evolution’s Craptacular Trailer”

  1. dragonball evolution = epic degradation of a super awesome anime due to modern americanization.

    I agree with you, it’s pure fail.xD

    mind if i linked to your blog?

  2. sure you can link~^^

  3. […] movie is sure to be god awful but maybe not as awful the Dragonball one but it’s sure that they’re gonna be both […]

  4. Ayumi looked so different and ordinary when she was a 15 year old

  5. […] just hope that this will not end like the Dragonball movie or […]

  6. […] collaboration is for the god-awful live action Dragonball: Devolution Evolution in w/c Ayu’s “Rule” is the theme […]

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