PotW#3 – LIFE

it’s a Friday and it means that another PV of the Week has arrived~

this week’s PV is LIFE by YUI

Hey everyone~

a new year has come to us

let’s make it a wonderful and a memorable one~~~

the song LIFE is a feelgood song done by my most favorite artist of all YUI

i first heard and seen it while watching my weekly dose of the anime BLEACH a few years ago and it immediately stuck to me

that was the beginning of my YUI fandom^^

i think this is one of the best songs of YUI-  it’s simple and deep, well written, catchy and at the same time awesome!

just watch the PV and enjoy~

PS. YUI’s chorus shots in the PV with the wind blowing around her is NIIIICE!!

it’s a new year and as the song says “i can change my life”, so why not do it^^


HAPPY NEW YEAR minna-san!!! 😀


~ by duffmachine on 01/02/2009.

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  1. Love your website.

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