Fractured Toe ain’t no stoppin’ Ayaya~ [Tokyograph]

From the Tokyograph article

Hello! Project has announced that singer Aya Matsuura fractured a toe on her left foot at her home this past Monday. The injury is expected to take 6 weeks to fully heal.

Starting this Saturday, Matsuura is scheduled to perform in several Elder Club concerts this month, including the graduation concerts on January 31 and February 1. As these are her final performances with Hello! Project, she will of course appear in the shows as planned, though her movement will be hindered with her broken toe taped in place.

Ain't no stoppin her now! ^^

Ain't no stoppin her now! ^^

The good thing is that Ayaya will be fine and therefore will be performing but it seems so that she will have limited mobility because of her injury.

So…it’s all good because the main thing is that she will still sing and perform~ that shows how much Ayaya is dedicated to her work; she won’t let an injury stop her from performing.

Ganbare! Ayaya!!! :D:D:D


~ by duffmachine on 01/10/2009.

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