Gakky to do Monpachi~

From Tokyograph

Some details are now available about Yui Aragaki’s third single, “piece,” which goes on sale February 25.

The title track is written by singer-songwriter Minako Kawae and arranged by Motoki Matsuoka. Matsuoka also handled her previous song “heavenly days,” which became a hit after it was used in the movie “Koizora.”

The B-sides on the single are “Sparkle,” with lyrics written by Aragaki, and Anata ni,” a cover of the famous song by MONGOL800.

I loved heavenly days so i’m excited for this next single…

and Gakki doing a Monpachi cover?!?!?!?! is sweeet news! i’m psyched!!!:D

hmm…i wonder how it will sound~

Single will be out Feb.25 so be sure to check it out!

meanwhile check out Gakki’s heavenly days [an effin’ good song]

and a live version of Mongol800’s Anata ni [another fine song]


~ by duffmachine on 01/22/2009.

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