H!P goes 8-bit ^o^


H!P goes 8-bit!!!

these are various H!P songs made into chiptunes

so what are chiptunes???
[A chiptune, or chip music, is music written in sound formats where all the sounds are synthesized in realtime by a computer or video game console sound chip, instead of using sample-based synthesis.]

here’s the tracklist:

1 Summer Nights on C-Island – Morning Musume – Summer Night Town
2 All for One & One for All! (Team Battle!) H.P. All Stars – All for One & One for All
3 Baby! Koi ni Punch-Out!! – Pucchimoni – Baby! Koi ni Knock Out!
4 As for One Day (9-09-99) – Morning Musume – As for One Day
5 8-bit Summer Wedding – Morning Musume – Happy Summer Wedding
6 I Wish My NES Still Worked – Morning Musume – I Wish
7 Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart Piece~ – Morning Musume Otomegumi – Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart~
8 Sakura Mankai (Samurai Showdown Version) – Morning Musume Sakuragumi – Sakura Mankai
9 Balloon Fight Pose wa Date ja nai! – Berryz Kobo – Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai!
10 Be Happy no Twinbee – Tanpopo – Be Happy Koi no Yajirobee
11 Good Bye Natsume – Aya Matsuura – Good Bye Natsuo
12 Romantic 2-Player Mode – Miki Fujimoto – Romantic Ukare Mode
13 Boogerman’s Train – Miki Fujimoto – Boogie Train
14 Bye Bye Saigo no Yume Kojo – Country Musume – Bye Bye Saigo no Yoru
15 Minimoni Telephone Blip Boop Beep – Minimoni – Minimoni Telephone Rin Rin Rin
16 Crazy About Princess Peach – Minimoni – Crazy About You
17 Dave Mariner Sports – Mari Yaguchi – Marine Sports
18 First ~time I played Castlevania: Vampire’s~ Kiss – Aa! – First Kiss
19 Fun Machine – Morning Musume – Love Machine
20 Get Up! PaRappa – Salt5 – Get Up! Rapper
21 Go Girl ~Koi no Flawless Victory~ – Morning Musume – Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~
22 I’ll Do it! Tomorrow! I’m playing SNES Now – Morning Musume – Do it! Now
23 Iku ZYX! Fly High Pink Puffball – ZYX – Iku ZYX! Fly High
24 Neo Tokyo Bijin – Yuko Nakazawa – Tokyo Bijin
25 Nintendo Revolution 21 – Morning Musume – Renai Revolution 21
26 Onett – Morning Musume – Furusato
27 The Story of Noisy Girls of River City – Morning Musume – Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari
28 Shall We Dub… or Sub? – Gomattou – Shall We Love?
29 Robotnik Kiss – W – Robo Kiss
30 What is Super Glove Ball – Ai Kago – Renai tte Naani?
31 NON STOP Fire (Turbo button) – Tsuji Nozomi – NON STOP

the 8bit renditions are so awesome~
it feels so nostalgic…
hearing H!P songs in old school videogame sounds is PURE WIN!

so give it a try and enjoy

BIG UPS! to gutsack @ H!O for creating the songs and uploading the torrent [he says that this is only vol.1 and he will make more. Woohoo!]

here’s the DL links

torrent – http://www.hello-online.org/index.ph…&torrent=18542
DDL – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OS6YIJ40


~ by duffmachine on 01/29/2009.

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