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this week i’m gonna post HIGH AND MIGHTY COLOR’s cover of a T.M.Revolution song which is HOT LIMIT….

for me HaMC’s cover is better than the original, i like the way they infused the song with modernity~

although i also like the T.M.R one i feel that it’s lacking compared to this

this has more edge and rockingly good!

as far as the PV goes…

  • it’s simple
  • the notion of the PV is that they’re rehearsing for the PV and they’re on the stage
  • Maaki is on the top of a huge star doing her stuff and the rest of the band plays along…nothing much there
  • Maaki’s outfit is  HAWT HAWT HAWT!
  • and there’s a special appearance of a someone at the end~

and might i say again that Maaki is phenomenally HAWT and SMEXY in the PV :D:D:D


BoA’s 2nd Best album~

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2nd BEST album w00t w00t!

2nd BEST album w00t w00t!

From jpopkpop

BoA will be releasing her second BEST album on March 4. Currently untitled, the album will come in three different formats. One version will come in the 2CD+2DVD format and will include both the BEST album and BoA’s debut English album. One of the DVD’s will include all of BoA’s PV’s released after DO THE MOTION as well as the PV to BoA’s debut English single Eat You Up and unreleased footage recorded in the US. The second version will come in the 2CD format and will include a BEST album and BoA’s debut English album. The third version will come in the CD-only format and will include only the BEST album. The 2CD+2DVD will come with a first-press bonus of a collector’s box to house all the discs. Some of the tracks on the BEST album will be re-recorded and/or rearranged including Eien, MERRY CHRI and VALENTI.

Well, it’s about time that she finally got to release her 2nd BEST album~

I think the 2cd version is the one to get and the best deal for all since you’re also getting her 1st BEST album which is “Best of Soul” [which is damn good album to listen to if you’re new to BoA]~

and re-recorded and re-arranged tracks of some of her best songs, sounds good to me~

2cd+2dvd set is PURE WIN!

can’t wait to get my hands on this once it gets out!!! :D:D:D

Gakky to do Monpachi~

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From Tokyograph

Some details are now available about Yui Aragaki’s third single, “piece,” which goes on sale February 25.

The title track is written by singer-songwriter Minako Kawae and arranged by Motoki Matsuoka. Matsuoka also handled her previous song “heavenly days,” which became a hit after it was used in the movie “Koizora.”

The B-sides on the single are “Sparkle,” with lyrics written by Aragaki, and Anata ni,” a cover of the famous song by MONGOL800.

I loved heavenly days so i’m excited for this next single…

and Gakki doing a Monpachi cover?!?!?!?! is sweeet news! i’m psyched!!!:D

hmm…i wonder how it will sound~

Single will be out Feb.25 so be sure to check it out!

meanwhile check out Gakki’s heavenly days [an effin’ good song]

and a live version of Mongol800’s Anata ni [another fine song]

PotW#5 Aitakatta

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Whoo~ feeling pretty tired~

just came back from school XD so…write up’s gonna be short~

This week’s PotW is AKB48’s Aitakatta

Dancing schoolgirls = WIN! [haha, what’s not to like?]

end of post. :D:D:D

Ketchup Mania to disband T_T

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From Tokyograph

Pop-punk band ketchup mania posted a message to their fans on their official website, breaking the news that the group has decided to disband.

ketchup mania has been active since 1999. They made their major label debut in December 2005 under Universal Music, and in 2007 they transferred to TOY’S FACTORY. That same year, they made their U.S. debut at A-Kon, followed by performances in 2008 at Sakura-Con and on the SXSW Japan Nite tour.

According to the band’s announcement, the four members gradually grew apart in their vision for the band. It is expected that each will be pursuing separate music careers.

On April 8, the band will simultaneously release two best albums, one for their major label releases and one for their works as an indie band. They have also scheduled their final concerts for May 5-6 in Tokyo and May 10 in Nagoya.

This is incredibly sad because this one of the bands that i’ve followed through the years and seeing them go really saddens me T_T

I wish each member a big GOOD LUCK to each of their future endeavors~

meanwhile here’s a video of PLEASE MARRY ME!, one of my fave kechamania songs…

If you like em~ download some of their stuff from JapanFiles

Another Live-Action Anime failure T_T….Maybe?!?!

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From Tokyograph

Anime News Network has picked up on official confirmation that the live-action “Cowboy Bebop” film is moving forward. Sunrise, the animation studio responsible for the original anime, is working with 20th Century Fox and 3 Arts Entertainment to develop the movie.

As previously reported, producer Erwin Stoff is attached to the project. Actor Keanu Reeves, who worked with Stoff in “A Scanner Darkly” and “The Matrix,” has signed on to star as Spike Spiegel.

After Dragonball and then another Streetfighter and now THIS!!!

What has the world come to?!?!

Why does Hollywood stick their noses into the anime world?!!?

I just hope that this will not end like the Dragonball movie or else…!@#!@$!@$!@$

Koda Kumi is a showgirl~~~

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The PV of Koda Kumi’s upcoming single~

The PV’s nice which is basically tells a story of a girl and her rise to being a diva~

Fun PV i might say; shows off Ku-chin’s hotness and a little bit of wackiness:D

Single is out on March 4~